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The Inverness Fire Protection District serves unincorporated areas of Palatine Township, Schaumburg Township and a majority of the Village of Inverness.  The service area is approximately 15 square miles and includes 15,000 residents.  The District operates out of Fire Station #36 and is staffed by 17 sworn personnel and an administrative assistant.  All Lieutenants and firefighters are required to be paramedics in order to provide the highest quality patient care.  Each of the three shifts is on duty for 24 hours and off duty for 48 hours.  Firefighters perform vehicle checks every morning to insure the vehicles and the equipment they carry will operate properly on the scene of an emergency.  Fire fighting training, paramedic education, physical fitness training, and fire house maintenance are just a few of the many duties performed while a firefighter is on shift.  No matter the emergency, the Inverness Fire Department will be ready.

Fire Station #36

35 Ela Road

Inverness, IL   60067


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